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Choosing the Best Morning and Afternoon Tea Catering Options

Whether you’re hosting an intimate, elegant high tea or a casual get-together over afternoon tea, you’ll want finger food suitable for the occasion. Fortunately, you’ve curtained a vast array of snack-sized treats that go perfectly with tea or coffee. Here are some morning and afternoon tea catering ideas to tickle your taste buds and budget:

Catering Options

Corporate breakfasts are a popular option. The menu for corporate breakfasts varies depending on the size of your business and the number of guests you’re inviting. In general, most catering companies offer deluxe breakfasts, but there is a robust selection of options available, from upscale to casual to modern. Many catering companies also offer afternoon tea and afternoon luncheons, which feature the same types of meals, but in the morning and afternoon.

A popular option for morning and afternoon tea catering options is a wide range of finger buffet-style snacks. These include crackers, cereal bars, waffles, cookies, pastries, bagels, crockery, savoury tarts, popcorn, and other finger foods. These foods are typically served on individual serving platters, so your guests can share one dish at a time. This allows them to help themselves and allows you to offer a larger variety of foods. Catering companies that specialize in corporate catering options often have attractive options for serving food in individual serving platters, so if your budget doesn’t allow for the full spread of individual dishes, this is a great alternative for feeding a large group of people.

Afternoon Tea

When it comes to afternoon tea, there are two basic choices: morning and afternoon teas. Both are offered at the same quality and price, and the price difference is usually related to the time of day that they are offered. Many corporate breakfasts are offered all day, while afternoon teas are offered either late in the afternoon or early in the morning. The price of a morning or afternoon tea will vary according to the time of day that they are offered, so be sure to check prices before ordering your corporate breakfast or afternoon tea catering packages.

morning and afternoon tea catering

Many companies that specialize in corporate tea parties offer afternoon tea as well. In most cases, afternoon tea is offered at a discount rate, since many companies want to keep their costs as low as possible. If you are planning on hosting an afternoon tea party catering, you may want to consider morning tea in addition to afternoon tea. An afternoon tea party can be just as delicious and welcoming as a morning tea party, and you can serve all three types of tea at the same time. However, since there is no longer any need to use up the afternoon tea, it can be made up to save money during the lunch break.

Private Chef

There are also morning tea catering options that can include a private chef. A private chef can help you create a delicious meal that is healthy and that people will enjoy. Since he has several ideas for tasty foods that he can make based on your specifications, he will be able to provide you with a delicious and unique menu that will wow your guests and make them eager to return to your restaurant. Private chefs are especially helpful for smaller gatherings, such as birthday parties or graduation parties, because they can prepare several different meals at once without creating any waste.

Other Options

There are also plenty of other things that you can do to spruce up your afternoon tea party. You can add delicious snacks and finger foods to the table. Or you might want to have coffee and cookies provided by a local bakery. Whatever type of party you are having, there are plenty of amazing afternoon tea catering options available to meet your needs.

However, if you have an afternoon wedding to plan, then you will need to take into account the time of day. Some events are better to celebrate in the morning, such as weddings, while others should be a celebration in the afternoon. If your wedding day is in the morning, then you will probably find that a few extra people are trying to get in on the afternoon tea festivities. For an afternoon tea catering, it might be a good idea to choose a time when the majority of the workforce is off for the day. You will also find that there will likely be fewer people interested in attending your event if it is in the morning.…

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4 Healthy lunch options for corporate lunch catering menus

Catering for a corporate lunch has been a part of business life ever since. It is one way to make your corporate meeting or conference memorable to everyone. However, lunch does not need to just be a leisurely or solitary event. Instead, it can be a team-building activity for the gain of each individual in the company. Some corporate lunch catering ideas can spice up your next lunch meeting or brainstorming session to help you achieve your corporate goals.

  • Delivery Service. Some corporate lunch catering companies provide customized delivery services to make sure that each client will get to enjoy the best caterers food. Whether the meal is a buffet or an individual plate dinner, your order can be prepared to suit the taste and dietary restrictions of each person, or you can make your special requests to include particular items.
  • Office Catering Menu Options. When choosing from your corporate lunch catering menu options, take a look at the lunch menu that is already featured on the company’s website or promotional advertisement. These lunches are perfect for office catering because they offer a wide range of tasty dishes, from finger and sandwich sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, pasta options, snack options, vegetable options, and desserts.
  • Snacks and Healthy Eating Options. If you want to keep everyone energized throughout the day, the right choices of snacks are important. Corporate lunch catering companies know that their customers want their meals to be as healthy and fresh as possible. Fresh and wholesome snacks are a popular way to keep everyone feeling alert and ready for work. Most offices allow their employees to bring their healthy snacks to work, but it’s a good idea to ask if there are any restrictions or guidelines.
  • Boxed Lunch Options. Many corporate lunch catering services offer a variety of different boxed lunches, including many traditional, deluxe lunches. These lunches usually contain a large quantity of meat and vegetables as well as one or two different kinds of dip, such as pesto, bean dip, or classic tomato. It is best to order several boxes so that each employee can bring a variety to the office.
corporate lunch catering
  • Delicious Sandwiches. Sandwiches are a delicious choice for a corporate lunch catering ideas menu. Most sandwich places offer many different kinds of sandwiches, as well as some healthy alternatives, such as wheat bread. With so many different sandwich choices available, you can have a choice between the traditional ham and turkey sandwich and the healthy wheat bread sandwich or even go with the vegetarian version and skip the meat. Vegetarians and those watching their cholesterol counts will love the fresh alternative kinds of bread and spreads that many of these restaurants offer.
  • Healthy Options. The best corporate lunch catering ideas don’t just use healthy food options to save money; they also use food options that are healthy for you. Some of these places serve interesting dishes that are light on the stomach and yet full of flavour. These may include finger foods, salads, wraps, and even desserts. These are all great food options for people watching their cholesterol counts and can be great additions to a corporate lunch catering menu.
  • Salads. A salad is something that everyone loves, and most of the time you can order a salad bar at these lunches. This gives you a chance to combine your favourite salad styles and ingredients from various places. You can get a fresh, crunchy salad that is full of different fruits, vegetables and dips to enjoy at your next office lunch. You may even be able to enjoy a vegetarian dish without compromising the rest of your meal by getting an egg salad with tofu and chicken.

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Catering Sandwiches: What to Serve

Catering sandwiches is a fun activity for any catering company. It is a quick and easy way to feed many people at the same time and it makes delicious food for those who are watching their waistlines. It has become one of the more popular catering options due to its simplicity and flexibility. One of the most important things to remember when preparing catering sandwiches and wraps is that you should provide plenty of water for everyone to drink. Water is an essential part of a good sandwich and there is no substitute for water if you want your lunch catering to be a success.

Lunches and Wraps Boxes

One of the best ways to feed people for lunch is to use catering lunches and wraps boxes. These catering boxes can be bought in bulk and they are perfect for catering company events. They are designed to hold many sandwiches and other foods, but they are also large enough to hold a bottle of wine or beer. Because they come in large sizes, they will prevent your catering event from going over, allowing you to serve more people. Also, you can serve different foods at the same time without having to clean up. This is a big plus with larger catering events.

There are two types of lunch catering services that you can choose from when planning to cater for people for lunch. You can either choose to cater using individual catering services which require that each person provides their ingredients and clean up. Alternatively, you can get a catering company to cater for all of the guests at your lunch catering services so that everything is provided to every single guest. Either way, you still need to have good clean up and good preparation for all of the food that you are going to be serving. Here are some tips to help you prepare delicious sandwiches and wraps that will keep your guests full and satisfied.


To start, make sure that you buy high-quality ingredients. While it may not be necessary, try to steer away from pre-made deli sandwiches. These tend to lack flavour, are dry, and lack the chew that a homemade sandwich should provide. While it is nice to have the option of using store-bought deli sandwiches, you might find that you want to try making your own. It can be quite satisfying to make your sandwiches and it allows you to use whatever spices and ingredients you desire.

catering sandwiches

It is also important that you use a variety of meats in your catering services. Your guests are going to be sharing sandwiches throughout the day and you want to make sure that each one has something to chew on. Chicken, beef, and even vegetarian sandwiches are great options to use. Just make sure that you do not overuse these options though as you do not want your guests going hungry.

Preparing Sandwiches

As far as preparing these sandwiches goes, it is pretty easy. All that you need to do is bring in the ingredients and make sure that you have plenty of bread for the guests to wrap their sandwiches in. This will ensure that they get plenty of fresh bread to munch on throughout the day. Once you have made the bread, all that you need to do is assemble the ingredients. Most catering companies will have an assembly line where you can place all of your ingredients and have them done for you.

Most catering companies will offer you three or four different options when it comes to what kind of bread to use. You can go with white bread, wheat bread, or even whole grain bread. If you are having guests who have certain dietary concerns, you want to make sure that you accommodate their needs. Some guests may not want to eat wheat bread or other kinds of bread. As long as you accommodate their requests, your catering company should be able to help you cater to everyone’s needs.

The last thing that you need to consider is whether or not you will be providing condiments with your catering services. Most catering companies will include ketchup, mustard, and relish in their menu options. You need to make sure that you give out enough condiments to go around so that each of your guests has something to dip their sandwich in. To make sure that your catering services are successful, it is a good idea to go with a variety. The more choices that you have, the more comfortable your guests will be at having something to munch on during the event.…